SEO Trends for 2018

The SEO strategy is one of the most important elements to take into account when it comes to website creation and maintenance.

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Five benefits of custom websites

At Fragment Agency, as a digital agency, we have extensive experience in web development, and we understand the great advantages that the development of a personalized website entails for online businesses and virtual stores.

Developers and creativity

Experience tells us that creativity should be a central element in the personality and skills of each of the professionals of the digital agency.

New Audiences

The emergence of new tools allows us to discover audiences with much higher odds of interacting with the brands

New website

Two years after our birth, and after having participated in very enriching and complete communicative projects, we have decided to develop a new website for the agency.

Marketing is an investment

An important part of the growth of companies is related to the investments they make in marketing. The business models that have an organic growth that does not need any type of investment are very limited and it is very casual that this fact occurs.

2017 Digital Marketing Trends

During our everyday life it is difficult to identify great changes and tendencies in the whole area of our work. When we are focused on producing, we usually do not have time to stop and observe what surrounds us and the evolution of the whole industry.

5 tips for social media

In recent years, the emergence of new social networks has been constant. The use that society has made has not stopped increasing and it’s still growing.


Usually, when the average user uses Google to look for a service or a website of their interest, he does not look at the degree of trust transmitted by the communication protocol of the web.

Do you need a new website?

It is important that brands constantly project their best image. Today, websites are probably the first place where customers or potential customers go to find out about a brand. As we know, the first impression is the most important one and there is only one, so you cannot miss it.

Six free tools

At Fragment Agency we use dozens of tools during the production process of all the digital products we offer. The fact that we are a digital advertising agency that offers a wide range of services and products, always makes us look for the best alternative to achieve the best results, with the least possible time, the highest quality and minimum cost.


Many brands have internal debates about whether they should develop digital strategies based on SEO or SEM, when in no case they are exclusive.

Why a blog?

In today’s context, where dozens of digital channels are absolutely versatile, comfortable, elegant and massive, a digital advertising agency that chooses to express itself through a blog might seem ironic.

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