Why a blog?

January 22, 2017 at 9:00 AM

A digital advertising agency born in 2015 is the clearest example that can exist of a digital company. Fragment Agency is a product of the Internet and the constant changes in the communicative and media scene that have taken place since the mid-90s of the last century.

We are a young brand, with infinite desire to express and share all the ideas that come to our mind, to comment on how the world evolves and to admire other perspectives and talents.

The average age of the company makes us a direct product of the digital world.

We are a digital agency that understands technology as the way to meet our clients’ needs.

In today’s context, where dozens of digital channels are absolutely versatile, comfortable, elegant and massive, a digital advertising agency that chooses to express itself through a blog might seem ironic. The blog is the most direct heir of printed paper, the oldest mass media that exists. However, the fact that we have always lived in a digital context makes us understand all media as equals, and we do not discriminate as new or old, as it's usually done. For us, all media are the same age, and none are above or below any line.

When we call ourselves a digital advertising agency, we do not reject "traditional" media, and we do not put them aside. These media are integrated into a digital communicative scenario where audiovisual, writing, etc. fit. All of them used as tools to reach an audience completely different from the one we used to know and more powerful than ever.

Our understanding of the current communicative context makes us reject the massive bombardment of advertisements based on demographic data such as age and sex, which very often fails and targets wrong audiences - wasting advertising investment.

The new tools of analysis, segmentation and targetization allow us to develop advertising contents much more adapted to the tastes of consumers - often using traditional means like video, copy, etc. -, but always expressed in a digital format. Through technology we make sure that targeted audiences receive the message that we have created in the least intrusive possible way, with a targetization error being practically zero.

Fragment Agency is a digital advertising agency based in Barcelona, ​​one of the largest creative hubs in Europe. We could assure that we are adapted to the new times, but our reality goes beyond that, as we are the result of the giant changes that have transformed the communicative context and the world.