New Audiences

January 29, 2018 at 9:00 AM

The main problem with online advertising is that half of the investment is thrown away. The problem is that we do not know which half.

The emergence of new tools such as remarketing have increase the profitability of that investment and have allowed brands to target audiences that have already shown some interest in them.The available data shows us that it is cheaper, more useful and more effective, to target those users than to look for completely new ones.

That said, Facebook offers us an even more useful tool, which combines remarketing with the discovery of new and similar audiences: Facebook Lookalike audiences.

It works like this. From an email database we can create a customized audience on Facebook and apply a certain advertising pressure on it.The new Facebook tool, allows us to discover similar users similar to the ones on the database provided to the platform and search for new clients who share a certain interest for the advertiser -identified from its similarity with the current audience-.

At the same time, Facebook allows us to select how far we are willing to go in selecting the new audience based on the similarity with current leads, applying a similarity scale of 1% to 10%. The higher the percentage, the wider the variety of users.

Once the new audience is created, you can start applying advertising pressure on it, with a higher probability that it interacts with the brand.