Developers and creativity

February 27, 2018 at 9:00 AM

No one doubts that in the world of communication the concept of creativity is especially important. In our industry we usually sell ideas - products whose value lies in their originality and innovation. However, there is a preconception that assumes that creativity is typical of the figure of the creative and that in the digital agency, is limited to it. Contrary to this belief, experience tells us that creativity should be a central element in the personality and skills of each of the professionals of the digital agency. In the case of developers, this creativity acquires a remarkable importance.

To break things.

During the testing phase of technological products, in the digital agency, it is very common to receive incomplete or diffuse feedback from users. In this context, the creativity of developers to play situations and find bugs is especially important. Usually, the different software versions of the users and other external elements to the application, make creativity essential. The developers must devote all their efforts to breaking the apps.

Contribute to the design.

On paper, the design of the products is always elegant and polished. However, once development starts, problems of usability or location of certain elements begin to appear. In these situations, the creativity of the developers is essential to create complete and useful products for users.


The way to face new situations and problems involves the use of the trial-error technique. Developing products for the first time implies the need to use a research process that allows discovering the best ways to develop the products in question.