Tips to make your URL stand out

April 30, 2018 at 9:00 AM

The URL is an element of special importance regarding Search Engine Optimization, ie SEO. At Fragment Agency, as a digital agency specialized in SEO, we understand the great importance of this element, and share a series of tips on how to optimize it.

URL length

The length of the URL is specially important. Google algorithms have preference for short URLs. This element facilitates positioning.

Search engines prefer short URLs, so it is advisable to avoid unnecessary parameters, extensions or extra characters. Ideally, the URL should be short, easy to read and it should include the keywords of the site.


The security and privacy on the internet are a key factor in the development of the medium, and keep gaining importance. The HTTPS protocol offers a high degree of security that guarantees that the transmission of data between users and the server is inaccessible to third parties.


The use of keywords in the URL is key to guarantee the positioning of the page. It is essential to use the correct number of keywords. Over exploitation of this resource can be counterproductive.

Responsive Design

In today’s context, users browse the internet through different devices and screens of various sizes. It is especially important that websites are responsive, meaning that they adapt to each device and screen. At the same time, it is especially important that the URL of the website is always the same, regardless of the device from which it is accessed.

At Fragment Agency, as a digital agency, we recommend following these tips to ensure that the URL stand out and contributes to a correct positioning.