January 27, 2017 at 9:00 AM

The classic SEO versus SEM debate should not be.

Many brands have internal debates about whether they should develop digital strategies based on SEO or SEM, when in no case they are exclusive.

A correct digital marketing strategy will include the two disciplines to achieve the goals set. Each of the parties works to get a different element, which in its entirety, is the overall marketing objective of the campaign.

SEO is based on the optimization of the website to please Google. This work involves the optimization of the code and loading time of the site, the improvements of the content and the good use of the keywords and the optimization of the web page through the tools that Google offers like Google Webmaster tools.


SEO is a discipline that improves websites from all points of view and produces a web fully optimized and ready to generate organic traffic.

On the other hand, SEM is able to get users to the already optimized web that usually looked for similar services, or services contained the keywords that we chose. These users did not have a preference and if not for the paid ads they would not have come to our website. It also generates traffic that Google also uses to calculate the position on Google.

If we put it in context the use of the two techniques, it looks clearer:

John is a painter of walls in Barcelona, ​​and has invested many resources in SEO to appear the first in an organic way whean searching for "painter of walls in Barcelona".

He also invests a monthly sum in SEM, which generates around 90% more traffic (which is the average traffic generated by AdWords).

He realizes that he is the first organic position in Google when searching for his keywords and he decides to stop investing in AdWords.

The result is that losing all the paid traffic, makes him lower his ranking in Google. It goes to the fourth or fifth position and that causes him to lower the original traffic by about 100% from the original number.

In context, we see that the two techniques of digital marketing work hand in hand, and a correct use of both is key to obtain a higher ROI and in no case to allow the wasting of the advertising investment.

It is wrong to see one technique or another as the solution to nothing, but the important thing is to develop a digital marketing strategy based on goals and seeking the best way to achieve them.