How to improve your organic positioning

May 22, 2018 at 9:00 AM

More than 3 billion searches are conducted every day on Google. Taking into account this breathtaking data and the existing competition, the SEO strategy is increasingly important. Mastering the digital tools is a basic element to face this scenario and lead your company to success.

At Fragment Agency, as a digital agency, we understand this reality and propose a series of recommendations to achieve a good positioning.

High quality content

The creation of quality content is a basic element to achieve a good positioning. Any positioning technique follows the existence of good content, as guiding users to a website full of low quality content, will only provoke users to abandon the site.

Website loading time

The slow loading time of websites represents a double disadvantage. On the one hand, it supposes a penalty from Google as far as the positioning is concerned, and on the other, it implies an abandonment of the web page by users. In this sense, in the first place it means that fewer users get to the website and the ones that do, leave it.

Optimize images

The size of the pictures is one of the elements that slows websites the most. Optimizing weight, choosing the right size and resolution, will be key to achieving an optimal user experience.

Optimize labels

Creating appropriate meta titles and meta descriptions will be basic to allow Google to index the website using the selected keywords. For example, in the case of Fragment Agency, it is understandable that it is positioned by digital agency of Barcelona. These keywords must be present on both labels.


One of the elements that Google rewards is the number of existing pages on a website. In this sense, the existence of a blog represents a large increase in the number of pages, and it is positive for the positioning of the website in Google.