Do you need a new website?

February 3, 2017 at 9:00 AM

It is important that brands constantly project their best image. Today, websites are probably the first place where customers or potential customers go to find out about a brand. As we know, the first impression is the most important one and there is only one, so you cannot miss it.

As a digital advertising agency, Fragment Agency always strives to develop all aspects of the brands we work with. We consider that webpages are the direct representation of these brands on the Internet, and therefore, they are a meeting point with all their publics. It is imperative, from a communicative point of view that the image that is transmitted corresponds to the values ​​of the brand and the image that it wants to project. In no case it’s acceptable that the interaction with the user that visits it is wasted.

In this article, we want to help users consider whether they need a new website. Here are the reasons that should make you decide.

Your website is not responsive


A responsive website is one that fits the size of the screen to ensure good usability. In the last decade many types of devices have appeared that allow users to surf the Internet, such as smartphones, tablets and televisions.

The internet as a computer-only concept is a completely outdated concept.

Today, in Spain, 79% of users (according to Eurostat 2017 data) consider the smartphone as their preferred device to navigate. It is not a figure that can be despised.

As a digital advertising agency, we always recommend that websites are responsive, and we always work according to current mobile-first standards.

Uses flash

If your website is made with Flash or has some kind of welcoming video created with flash, it’s time for a change. Years ago, the creation of videos in flash format was popularized as a welcome to websites. Today, this format is completely outdated, represents security issues and does not appear in search engines.

You do not have a content manager

If your website does not have a content manager, surely the information displayed is not updated. Following the reflection of the beginning of this article, the information displayed on the website of brands, as well as their design and presence, are basic to transmit and project the desired image. Content managers are simple tools that a basic user can easily use in order to edit the content displayed in their website.

Takes too much time to load

People have a relatively low attention span. A user who spends his time entering a website does not want to waste it. If the loading time is excessive, it is very possible that users will not even access the website. Probably they will close it before even opening it.

Your website automatically plays a song

Fragment Agency has nothing against music. As a digital advertising agency, we use it in videos, digital campaigns and to inspire our creativity. However, websites that automatically play music, generate a significant frustration to users since they have not chosen to play this music, and surely bothers them.

You like your competitors' website better than yours


If looking at your competitors' website, you see that it is more pleasant, more useful, and project an image much more suitable than yours, it is time to make a change.

It is not only about being the best in a profession, but also about being the one that communicates it better.

If you identify any of these signs as part of your own website, surely it is time to make a change. A new website is an investment. Just like a new machine, hire professionals or buying a transportation vehicle.

The image that is transmitted is basic for the communication of the brand, and this is basic for the development of the business.