5 tips for social media

March 23, 2017 at 8:00 AM

In recent years, the emergence of new social networks has been constant. The use that society has made has not stopped increasing and it’s still growing.

Brands, as part of society have been interested in social networks and have participated in them since day one. However, it is common for many brands to find themselves in difficulties or do not know the best way to act.

From Fragment Agency, as a digital advertising agency, we want to offer useful tips for all brands that are users of social networks.


Know social networks

Each platform has different characteristics and serves a specific element. While Twitter offers immediacy, Facebook offers notoriety and the possibility of sharing audio-visual files easily, etc.

You must know each social network and respect its nature.

Far from sharing the same content on all networks at once, we must bear in mind what each one of them offers and enhance it.

The correct use of the different social networks, will allow us to send the message we want in the best possible way.

Create a content strategy on social networks

In order not to waste any resources, it is essential to create a strategy of creating content in social networks.

This strategy must take into account all the channels through which the brand communicates and optimize the content for each format.

Also, the timing of the creation and publication of content must be taken into account in order not to lose any communication effort and to act with order.

Publish relevant content

It is estimated that, on average, only 15% of the organic followers of brands in social networks see the publications they make.

To increase this number, as a digital advertising agency, we recommend publications to be planned correctly when creating the content creation strategy.

The purpose of publications should be to convey the message that the brand wants to communicate seeking to generate interest in the user. It is not a simple task, but the correct planning of the generation of content, together with the correct use of each of the social networks and their nature, will be keys to achieve it.

Interact with users

The publication of content in social networks is different from traditional advertising in mass media in a major fact: the direct relationship between the brand and its audiences. This element should be key when understanding the performance of brands in social networks and should be central when developing a strategy for creating content.

To generate engagement and interaction the relevant content adapted to each of the social networks and perfectly timed will be key. Likewise, the use of drawings, promotions and advertising in social networks will be one more element to generate this engagement.

social network

Learn from mistakes

The oldest social network (as we know them today) is about 10 years old. Nobody is absolutely sure about their good use, and the only way to learn is trying new things, and learning the reaction of the users.

To get a good fan base, it’s important to interact with users and offer content interesting to them. It will surely take time. Every brand is different and so they consumers. The constant test-error will be key to know the behavior of users and learn from them.

From Fragment Agency, as a digital advertising agency, we encourage all brands not to be afraid of themselves and to contact their users directly and following the advice we offer.