Messaging apps and brand communication

April 27, 2017 at 9:00 AM

As we know, the communicative scenario has changed enormously in the last decade. The way brands communicate with their audiences has clearly evolved. Traditional advertising has evolved into a two-way communicative relationship where both parties want to express themselves.

At Fragment Agency, as a digital advertising agency, we try to anticipate the changes that occur in the sector and adapt to them as quickly as possible.

Over the last few years, we have seen how the use of mobile devices has increased dramatically, both in volume and functionality. We have also seen how brands have adapted to this trend and have appeared in the form of mobile applications, responsive websites, mobile advertising, etc. Taking into account the statistical data of growth that we have and observing the latest trends, the next big change that we will observe, it’s going to be the appearance of bots in the messaging apps and their use as a channel of direct communication between the brands and their audiences.

This evolution of the brand communication is based on different elements and trends that are exposed below.

Great integration

If we do a quick analysis of the current situation and the integration of the brands to the messaging apps, we see that already there are brands that offer this service. Facebook, Skype, Kik, WeChat or Telegram have been offering the ability to communicate with bots for months. Potential users of these platforms represent a large number of consumers in the major world economies. That is why brands will most likely make every effort necessary to get into this market.


Natural communication

The fact of writing to a brand by the same channel that we write to our family and friends, and the fact of using the same type of language, makes this a natural act and does not represent a great effort for any type of users. Apart from that, everyone knows how to chat. In this case the learning curve is zero, since you do not have to adapt to a new type of channel, code or message. As simple as talking to a friend.

Greater interaction

It is logical to anticipate that this standardization of bots and communication with brands through messaging apps, will lead to greater integration of existing brand apps. Today we use our bank’s app on our smartphone, as an example, and it is not difficult to imagine a future where we will be able to directly communicate with the bank representatives and ask about financial products, doubts, etc.


This greater integration can be really important on the evolution of the communication of brands with their clients. As a digital advertising agency, in Fragment Agency, we consider that anticipating the changes that will take place and adapting to them represents a clear competitive advantage, which is essential to exploit.