Email marketing is dead, long live the email marketing

May 31, 2017 at 9:00 AM

The days when receiving an email was cause of joy because of the novelty it represented have long gone. In the present there are about 5 billion email accounts and each user receives on average 121 emails a day. In this context, commercial communication through this medium not only continues to exist, but grows.

However, with the constant evolution of the internet and the emergence and establishment of social networks, we might wonder: will email marketing disappear?

Taking into account that 90% of adults in OECD countries declare that they use it daily, the quick answer is no. However, as a digital advertising agency, at Fragment Agency, we have made a process of analysis of this phenomenon to understand how it will evolve.

It's very effective

If we compare the effectiveness of email marketing to the social media campaigns, we see that the profitability of the first one is much greater. Likewise, if we compare the cost and return on investment of printed advertising with email marketing, we see how the profitability of the digital format is infinitely greater.

For small brands

Email marketing is a good alternative for small brands and businesses that do not have large advertising budgets. However, these brands have the need to communicate their news and thoughts with their audiences. In this context, an email marketing campaign can be a good choice and won’t probably represent a great investment. At the same time, the simplicity of the system does not represent an extra difficulty for users with little experience.

... and large brands

Not only is it a tool aimed at brands with discrete budgets, but it can be seamlessly integrated into larger marketing and advertising strategies, helping to consolidate other actions and act in parallel. On the one hand it can help the public to remember great actions like online or television advertising, and on the other can greatly improve the interaction of users with social networks and other content brands.

How will it evolve?

As a digital advertising agency, at Fragment Agency, we have the need to anticipate events and predict what will take place in the fields we care about. Regarding email marketing, and following the trend that prevails in the technology and the internet fields, we must anticipate that email marketing is increasingly mobile. Email as it was understood in the 1990s is disappearing and the trend will be increasingly directed to mobile devices.


At the same time, it is possible that in the coming years we see a customization of email marketing. This element is essential to ensure the survival of this format and prevent it from becoming a flat and static text. In a few years, the content will be adapted to the needs and preferences of the users, improving the engagement and therefore increasing the profitability of the campaigns.