Cargoling is a young campervan rental company, based in the center of Barcelona. Since its conception, it has used the internet as the main communication channel.

When it comes to going on a family vacation, everything tends to be a problem -where to go, organization, booking everything, etc.-From it’s origins, Cargoling has worked to offer a new type of vacation for the whole family, focused on adventure and experience. They seeks to get a product as far away as possible from the classic family vacations.

As the company has grown both in volume and experience, its communication has moved from a functional position to an emotional one, based on experience and spending time with the family.At the same time, the company has invested in a deep renovation of its online platform in order to to automate the entire process of booking campervans.

The new booking system is available from any device and automatically checks the availability of campervans for the dates and number of people who are traveling.

The reservation process aims to make it easy for users to make a reservation, as well as improving the management tasks of the business for Cargoling. At the same time, the company receives the payments automatically and has all the reservations information automatically displayed in their system.

Customers can know the availability of the campervans immediately and make their reservation in a simple way -receiving the invoice and confirmation automatically-.

The new Cargoling platform is the perfect union between a good idea and a simple, intuitive and safe system that allows to grow in a sustainable way.

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