The Safe

The online presence of 023 has grown significantly in the last several years. This process has been followed by the development of new features and exclusive services that 023 Content and Media offers its customers through its website.

The new platform "The Safe" allows the autonomous management of files by 023 Content and Media and the possibility of offering a shared space between the brand and its customers.

app development

The new file manager is available from any device and offers 023 Content and Media the possibility to store files and classify them in folders with limited access to their clients.

app development digital agency barcelona
app development digital agency barcelona

The system allows to share and send files through the platform at speeds comparable to any other system and without having to use third-party services.Customers have the facility to access their files using a username and a password. At the same time, 023 Content and Media, has a unique, personalized and fast service that offers complete security and allows a simple management of its contents.

app development digital agency barcelona

The new functionalities of 023 Content and Media facilitate the management of files in a safe and intuitive way, and offer an added value to its clients.

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