Global CAD

Global CAD is an international network of experts specialized in sustainable human development. Since its creation in 2006, they have used the internet as their main communication channel.

When the objective is to transform entire societies through inclusive and sustainable policies, communication as a factor of change has an immense importance.Global CAD knows it and since its inception, it has worked to exchange knowledge that have an important social impact in disadvantaged societies. At the same time, the company has worked to spread the message and raise awareness through its subsidiary CAD Productions.

Global CAD has the double objective of communicating the actions that it develops as an organization, and share the stories of change and improvement resulting from its initiatives. Through its website, Global CAD develops its corporate communication, and through the CAD Productions site, it shares the documentaries related to the initiatives carried out by the organization.

The design of both web pages, as well as the intuitive and pleasant usability, are very important for an organization that has as an objective to share its values ​​and to transmit its initiatives to very heterogeneous publics.

Both websites have a simple and intuitive design that focuses all the attention on content, message and values ​​of an organization that has a lot to tell.

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