Fragment Retail

As a digital agency, we always aims to help our clients and to offer comprehensive solutions for any situation.

With the aim of developing a comprehensive and automated management system, in 2017 we created Fragment Retail, a tool to manage businesses of any size. This platform manages appointments with customers, billing, payments and stock control, automating many of the daily management tasks.

This tool, embodied in an iPad application, is integrated into the company's stock, and allows to manage it automatically, as well as issuing payment tickets through the wireless connection with a printer.

The tool is part of the stock management system and allows to know the status of stocks in real time, at the same time that it is automatically updated according to the items that are sold.

To facilitate the management of customers, the system organizes appointments with customers and classifies payments and stock changes according to the customer that is being served in a certain time. This functionality allows to create statistics and to know the business data historically.

Fragment Retail seeks to facilitate management and automate it to the maximum, allowing our clients to focus on their businesses.

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