Cities are plenty of toilets and you won’t have to hold the call of nature endless hours ever again.

One of the most common problems people have when spending entire days in large cities is locating public bathrooms. Today’s life in cities involve a stressful lifestyle, hours of meetings and public transportation, but physiological needs don’t stop or wait for you to get home.

We’ve developed an app that drive users to their nearest bathroom whatever their necessity is. As there is no existing database of public bathrooms, our team has conceived it as a social app. The same users that use it will fill the city map with new bathrooms they find.

As the app is aimed to solve a problem that may involve some hurry, we’ve made the app as simple as possible. Once users access the app it directly opens a map. Thanks to geolocalization smartphones provide, it displays immediate toilets and their characteristics.

Using the lavatory sometimes is not as simple as urinating and it might get bigger and more delicate. We’ve developed a simple selecting tool that shows nearest toilets that adapt to each moment necessities.

The main point of the app is that it is social. It’s not only about where toilets are, but how clean they are and what other users have experienced. Nobody like surprises when dealing with such a serious matter.

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