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Butler in the City
Year 2016
#web #design #advertising

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What we faced

Butler in the City is a new semi-luxury tourism brand that was born a few months ago. As it is well known, the tourism market in the city of Barcelona is fairly saturated, and to seek its place, both teams -Butler and Fragment- started working together.
The brand needed a website that would allow them to communicate directly with their audiences and market their services.

How we faced it

The Fragment Agency team identified a very clear opportunity in the Butler in the City brand communication. Given the competition scenario, we worked to develop a unique voice in the marketplace and ensure that the website would not only be a tool, but a main part of the very idea of ​​the brand and fundamental part of their communication.


A website completely inspired by the corporate image of Butler in the City was developed. The website was conceived with the aim of ensuring a completely consistent brand communication, with a personal tone and voice created for the brand.
Today, Butler in the City, is growing in a tough market, and seeks its place to keep developing. The website, at the same time, was created to sell the services they offer in a simple and elegant way, becoming the center of their communication and the main tool of the whole brand.

Butler in the City | Web

Butler in the City | Web

Simplicity and leisure as the essence of brand communication. Butler in the City needed to convey through each graphic and functional element the values ​​of the services they offered. Given that the offered services were leisure and entertainment, the communication has to be completely consistent.

The website communicates and sells services through a simple and polished design, with images as the main element of communication and user experience as a priority objective.
Butler in the City | Tours

Butler in the City | Tours

As a main element in the website, within the communicative atmosphere created for Butler in the City, is the commercialization of the services offered by Butler in the City. Given that this is a very sensitive and important part of the website, we have developed a unique system from a graphical point of view. We have integrated an algorithm that decides which is the main color of the image of the Tour that has been selected, and changes the colors of the website during the buying process to provide a unique experience and optimal purchase.
Butler in the City | Reservations

Butler in the City | Reservations

In order to provide a nice and simple buying process, we have created a reservations manager that allows users to buy the services in a extremely simple and personalized way. At the same time, the created system also allows the brand managers to supervise the sale of services and management of reservations in a convenient and fast way. The user experience and operator comfort were basic for the Fragment team when conceiving the system.
Butler in the City | Social networks

Butler in the City | Social networks

Given that the brand communication is becoming more instant and direct with the publics, we have given special prominence to the social networks in the website. We wanted to dedicate a section of the web to the brand communication through social networks because of the great importance direct communication has today.