Year 2016
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What we faced

Cargoling is a young brand from Barcelona. They are in the business of renting Campervans. As the company started growing, it was in need to create an emotional approach for the brand. Until that moment, almost everything they communicated was based on the tangible products they offer. They were falling behind against their competitors in the communication’s sense, as they didn’t have a strong brand personality nor a strong communication plan.

How we faced it

To challenge the communication issues that were identified, we created a strong brand personality based on the values of the brand. At the same time, we formulated a communication strategy based in the new personality in order to move forward to an emotional brand positioning.
In order to apply all this new concepts, several communicative actions were set up and developed to get to all the identified publics of the brand.


To implement the new brand positioning, we developed an online advertising campaign. It was composed by a minisite that was attached to the corporate site. We created three commercials with different storytellings, each of which was aimed at a different target audience. It was communicated through social networks using a social networking plan with the aim of reaching all existing public and other new audiences identified.

Cargoling Experience | Minisite

The new Cargoling Experience minisite was designed aiming to communicate the experience we wanted to the users. At the same time, it was created to convey the emotions that the storytelling seek to create. All communicative elements were coordinated in order to build the new emotional brand positioning and strengthening the personality of the brand.

The choice of creating a mini site was clearly determined by their ease of dissemination through the Internet and the ability to create engagement easily though this big platform.

Cargoling Experience | Live the adventure like never before

One of the potential targets that we identified, and we considered that had to strengthen, was the tourists that traveled to Catalonia to visit the country. At that time it wasn’t key. This public seeks an alternative form of tourism, away from hotels, public transport or crowds.

Cargoling Experience | Find the perfect adventure

The next commercial we created was addressed particularly to athletes who live in urban areas, but like to practice sports they cannot practice in the city. This public did already exist. However, we proposed to strengthen it and consider it a key public, as it shares many of the values of the brand.

Cargoling Experience | Find the perfect adventure

One of the campervans that Cargoling rented was especially dedicated to couples. They were identified as key customers for the brand. We decided to launch a third commercial for this audience in order to consolidate it as a major public for Cargoling.

Cargoling Experience | Communication Strategy

We waited until the beginning of the high season to launch the campaign. We felt that this was the best timing for the brand to make a first step towards the new kind of emotional positioning we had created, as it was based on the experience that their products offer.

The campaign launch began with a teaser campaign, announcing the name of Cargoling Experience through social networks seeking to create some excitement. Following the teaser, the minisite was launched through social networks and Cargoling brand friends. Each week, for the next three weeks, the posts were related to each one of the storytellings. During this time the posts were dedicated to providing details of each of the stories, extracting the best frames of the spots, commenting on the possible road routes for each target, and involving users with the campaign.


Director Tatiana Dunyó
Cinematography Yaisa Schneider
Operator, Editing and Postproduction Raimon Cartró
Motion Graphics David Durà
Sound Pere Velasco
Actors Unai Antras, Guillem Garcia, Jordi Saladrigues, Rosa Ramos Ollé, Maria Romero, Javi Sartore, Carlos Alonso, Maika Valper
Creative Idea Fragment Agency
Agency Fragment Agency