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Year 2016
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What we faced

023 is a digital communications agency based in the city of Barcelona. In early 2016 we started working together in order to update and improve their online presence. We started by creating a new website.
This new meeting point had to represent the growth that the company had experienced since its beginnings.

How we faced it

To achieve our goals, we focused on creating a new website with an updated and customized design that integrated all the values ​​of the brand 023.
To get a website that truly represented the brand values ​​and to synthesize the brand personality, we made an important research and observation process to decide the most appropriate fonts and colors. Together with the new design we created, these elements were to represent the brand and become the main touch point with the brand audiences.


A new fully customized website based on the corporate image and brand personality of 023. We created a useful and enjoyable place for user experience that integrates and transmits all values ​​of the brand. At the same time, it has become the main meeting point when connecting with the audiences of 023.
Moreover, the online presence has been enhanced with an important SEO campaign that has dramatically improved search engine rankings and online presence.

023 Content and Media | Design

To convey all the meanings of the brand, we used two fonts that together with 023, we decided that perfectly represented the values ​​and personality of the brand. At the same time, in order to develop the design, we focused on the two corporate colors of 023.


#27B2E2 R 39
G 178
B 226
#494949 R 73
G 73
B 73


The quick brown fox jumps... Orator Std Medium
The quick brown fox jumps... Lekton Medium

023 Content and Media | Web

The website is organized on a one page design and it is fully responsive, meaning it adapts to any screen and device. The Fragment team gives special importance to optimization for different devices and considers it a priority.

It’s also important to mention that the website has a manager that ensures complete autonomy in managing content by 023.
023 Content and Media | Blog

023 Content and Media | Blog

The website includes a blog that allows to easily update content. This tool helps 023 to transmit its news to the users through a completely personalized design, which guarantees the flexibility to integrate content from different formats and ensures a pleasant user experience.
023 Content and Media | Blog