Year 2016
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What we faced

Rototex is a textile company from northern Italy with about 40 years of history. Since its inception the brand has not stopped growing and has evolved its business as demand changed. It has been a brand that has been able to adapt to the changes of its market, but until now it had not adapt its communication to a changing world and new media.

How we faced it

To adapt the communication of the brand to the 21st century, the first step was to guarantee the online presence through a website. Taking into account that it was a corporate website of a brand that had never been present on the internet or social networks, the difficulty was to synthesize all the information that was intended to communicate in this new format and ensure a simple, pleasant and useful design.


A new website that guarantees the online presence of the brand in a clean and simple way. The web seeks to be the basis of the brand communication and pretends to become a meeting place with users. At the same time, this is a first step that in the long-term seeks to create a strong brand personality based on the brand’s history, values ​​and vision.

Rototex | Website

To facilitate smooth brand communication, design serves communication rather than the other way around. We created a landing page without any button. In a simplification exercise, we sought to reach all the contents of the web without a single click.


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The quick brown fox jumps... Fira Sans Medium
The quick brown fox jumps... Jaldi Medium

Rototex | Design

In order to convey all the meanings of the brand, we used two fonts that perfectly represented the personality of the brand and its values. At the same time, in order to create the website design, we used the corporate colors of the brand, black and white, and a third color.
Rototex | Responsive

Rototex | Responsive

The website is completely responsive, meaning that it adapts to any type of screen and device. The Fragment Agency team gives special importance to the optimization for different devices and screen sizes and considers it a priority.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the website has a manager that ensures complete autonomy in managing content by Rototex.