Year 2016
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What we faced

One of the most common problems people have when spending entire days in large cities is locating public bathrooms. Today’s life in cities involve a stressful lifestyle, hours of meetings and public transportation, but physiological needs don’t stop or wait for you to get home.

How we faced it

The good thing is that cities are plenty of toilets.
However, there is no public database of public bathrooms or any indication if it’s legal to use bar toilets without being a client.
At the same time, as we were figuring out how to solve this issue, we focused on mobile devices, as we do not carry our desktop computers on us all the time. We made the decision of focusing on smartphones as the tool to confront the toilet issue.


We’ve developed an app that drive users to their nearest bathroom whatever their necessity is. Our team has conceived it as a social app. The same users that use it will fill the city map with new bathrooms they find. At the same time, the bathrooms are rated according to its lever of hygiene, and according to the services it offers: bathroom, accessible for disabled people, baby table to change diapers.

YouPee | App

The simpler the better. As the app is aimed to solve a problem that may involve some hurry, we’ve made the app as simple as possible. Once users access the app it directly opens a map. Thanks to geolocalization smartphones provide, it displays immediate toilets and their characteristics.

At the same time, in order to make it quick and easy for users to find the correct toilet, and make sure it adapts to its necessities, we’ve developed a simple selecting tool that shows the nearby toilets that adapt to each moment necessities.
YouPee | Social App

YouPee | Social App

The main point of the app is that it is social. It’s not only about where toilets are, but how clean they are and what other users have experienced. Nobody like surprises when dealing with such a serious matter.

At the same time, it is very useful tool for disabled people or parents with babies, who experience an extra difficulty when leaving home. The meaning of the app is about helping people to find the correct toilet, whatever their necessities are, as we don’t think this is privilege, but a right.
YouPee | How it works

YouPee | How it works

Using the Foresquare API, we can display all the venues that might have a toilet, such as bars, restaurants, etc. As it is a social app, users are the ones that choose a venue, after visiting it, and create a toilet in that location.

Using this system we make sure that all the toilet that exist are in a real location and we minimize the possible spam attacks or false toilets. At the same time, we constantly update the toilets database making sure that all the toilets we show still exist and are still in business in the same location they were when created.
YouPee | Website and Campaign

YouPee | Website and Campaign

In order to launch the app and get people to know it, we created a website for the app and coordinated a Public Relations and Advertising campaign. The first step was to launch the app through the social media platforms. Secondly, we let mass media and specialized media know about the app though interviews and press releases. At the same time, we worked together with disabled associations and first-time mother groups and blogs to introduce them the idea and the tool.

Our main goal was to get a strong base of users, which was basic in order to keep the app working, as they were their base and final point. Thanks to all this, right now the app includes more than 10k toilets all around Spain and the app is about to start its path to other European countries.